Quick Start

EMQ X Edge connects to Cube platform through emqx-cube plug-in and communicates management instructions. The steps of enabling preparation and operation are as follows:

  1. The emqx-edge version is greater than or equal to v3.1-rc.3 click to download

  2. Edge's network environment can establish communication links with cube.emqx.io:1883

  3. Register EMQ account and create a new edge message server in Cube

  4. Fill in the configuration in Cube on Edge and start the emqx-cube plug-in

Note: It will not affect the normal use of other Edge features without the connection of cube.

Registration and Login

Cube Open Platform uses EMQ Account to authenticate login. If you have not registered with the EMQ official website, please go to the registration activation.

Create edge

On the Edge Message Server page, click the New button to type in the server name and description to create the Edge Message Server.


Get the startup configuration

When a new Edge Message Server is created, the information needed to access Cube can be obtained from the Edge Message Server Details Page:


Open the Edge emqx-cube plug-in configuration file etc/plugins/emqx_cube.conf, with the following modifications:

# Cube connection adress,default cube.emqx.io:1883
cube.address = cube.emqx.io:1883

# Authentication username, Username information in the usage details
cube.username = 40e02ab0-5b68-11e9-ac3b-b1515a08538d

# Authentication password, password information in the usage details
cube.password = b67aa008-c7f8-4b70-b06c-5cdba92f3ff7

Start and connect

If the configuration is correct, Edge will automatically establish a connection with Cube after successful start-up. At this time, the state of the relevant server in Cube will be set to online. Click on the relevant Tab page to get the corresponding operation indicators.


So far, you have successfully accessed Edge to Cube.

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