Edge message server management

The list of edge message servers under the current account can be viewed through home page of edge message server:

  • Total: Number of Edges created under the current account
  • Activation: Number of Edges connected to the Cube platform
  • Online: Number of Edges currently connected to the Cube platform
  • Last online time: Last connection/disconnection time
  • Operation: View details, edit, delete Edge server


Click on the Edge Message Server Name or View Details button in the list to enter the details page, which contains the following information:

  • The authentication information of Username and password for the connection of Cube by Edge, please refer to Quick connection for details.
  • Label Management of current Edge Message Server for batch management of Edge Collation
  • Data Synchronization: Data Synchronization configuration currently created

  • Data Synchronization: [Data Synchronization] (./bridge.md) configuration currently created

  • Running state: displays real-time information when Edge Message Server is online**, and shows the state of the most recent refresh when Edge Message Server is offline**:
    • Message server status: Edge system information, CPU, memory information and messaging statistics of Erlang virtual machine , and so on.
    • Connections
    • Sessions
    • Topics
    • Subscriptions


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